We are business facilitators

We share

True respect

We value diversity, a critical foundation of any performing team. We are committed to breaking down cultural barriers and forming genuine relationships imbued with respect, honesty and empathy.

Meaningful commitment

We treat every project as if it were our own — with care and professionalism. We are not just a vendor; we are a partner committed to your success.

Sustainable balance

We are highly attuned to interpersonal and organizational dynamics, and will balance the interests of our various stakeholders, whether they are personal, inter-organizational, external or those of our environment.

We avoid impractical advice and help you get things done. We take positions with conviction and authenticity.

Nils Peter

Nils is a down-to-earth people connector. He’s focused on solutions; and he brings out the best in the people around him to help your business achieve its goals.

As a former Senior Consultant within EY’s Legal, Regulatory & Compliance team – where he met his partner Olivier – and lawyer, Nils presents the rare combination of legal and consulting experience. He enjoys folding seamlessly into client teams to help solve problems.

His areas of expertise include commercial contracts, corporate law, employment law, financial and banking regulations, and team and project management. Nils also serves as a military investigating judge.

If he’s not picking up the phone, Nils is likely hiking in the woods (with his dog) or riding his motor- or mountain bike; feel free to chat about it with him if you feel like it and have time!

Olivier Unternaehrer

Olivier is passionate about people and enjoys helping them grow and excel. Driven by a deep desire to support businesses, Olivier brings to the table his experience as a former lawyer, an in-house attorney, a legal team and project manager and an international financial group’s Data Protection Officer.

He focuses on personal data protection, contractual and corporate law, legal project management and process building, and people facilitation. His broad regulatory, operational, and legal expertise gives him a unique foundation for creative problem solving.

Olivier is a natural people connector. He thrives on team and collaborative work. He brings calm to the thorniest cross-functional problems. Your goals are his goals, and he will help your business reach its fullest potential.

On a personal level, Olivier would love to chat with you about snow sports, trail & marathon running, wine and coffee, food & cooking, or participatory & collaborative work. Feel free to invite him for a run or to share a moment.